Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?A zoo has no u

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A zoo has no useful purpose.

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Keeping wild animals in cages for public exhibition is a tradition that people are performing for a long and for majority people this is an amusement and educational purpose for kids while others think it to be a very inhuman act. This is a much-debated issue and I personally find no usefulness of a zoological garden where these animals and birds of different kinds are kept for public entertainment.

First of all, the idea of keeping wild animals in cages is really a brutal one and human should not be proud of act like this. Who has given us the power and authority to forcefully bring animals to zoos and then being hilarious watching their activities? Do our weapon and brain makes us superior and powerful enough to decide the lives of other species? No, if we are superior to those wild animals, it is our humanity and superiority of thinking power and where would that humanity is when we encage other species? There are thousands of amusement parks and children parks and we should not make a zoo that would only represent our brutality and the outcry of the animals.

Have we ever though if a more intelligent species arrives in our territory and encases us like we do to other animals, how pathetic that would be for us? Many people would say that those are educational purposes and to let the kids know about those animals. But in a zoo what we see are encaged animals with their dismay and helplessness. Children would never learn the true nature of those animals when they would learn it from a zoo. Animal Planet and Discovery channels are two better alternatives for children to learn about those wild animals than the zoo.

Zoo is many countries are used for commercial purposes and no matter what the authorities do; they can’t ensure a free life for a bird which should be flying in the sky rather than trying to escape from the cage.

In conclusion, the zoo serves no useful purpose and there are no good reasons to put the animals and birds in cages.
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